Great Ways to Explore Scotland

24th Nov 2019

From Loch Lomond’s bonny shores to the excitement of the Edinburgh Festival, Scotland has something for every traveller.

Today, we’re sharing six of our favourite posts about places to visit in Scotland, from UK travel bloggers in the Trips100 community. If you have a recommendation of somewhere to see in Scotland, we’d love to read it, so leave us a link in the comments!

Stay in a Luxury Castle

Scotland has its fair share of impressive castles, and Conversant Traveller has reviewed the rather luxurious Taymouth Castle – we dare you to read it and not imagine yourself gazing at the setting sun, pretending to be the Laird. Or possibly an extra in Game of Thrones…

Take a Road Trip around the Highlands

The Scottish Highlands are so beautiful that they’re crying out to be toured, and even during the summer months, the traffic is relatively quiet. Check out Cava for Lunch for some great itinerary ideas, along with some splendid recommendations for where to eat along the way.

Visit the Isle of Eriska

The Scottish islands are some of the most remote and peaceful parts of the British Isles, and their spectacular scenery has to be seen to be believed. The Foodaholic recently took a visit to Eriska in Oben, and stayed at the luxury hotel and spa on the island. Looks amazing!

Seek the Loch Ness Monster

If you’re visiting the UK from overseas then there’s a law (not really) that you have to go and look for the Loch Ness Monster. Fortunately, there’s plenty to see in this beautiful part of Scotland, in case the monster eludes you… Check out this post from Need Another Holiday with ideas of what to do locally if you’re visiting Loch Ness.

Head North to Edinburgh and Dundee

The rocky East coast of Scotland can be more remote than the West Coast, but it’s beautiful. Dutch Goose recently took a trip up the Eastern side of Scotland taking in the cities of Dundee and Edinburgh – check out their blog for lots of ideas of places to visit along the way.

Visit the Trossachs

The Scottish Trossachs region is a perfect place to explore, with lots of outdoor activities and spectacular scenery to boot. 

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