Computer Fraud Investigation

20th Mar 2019

Investigating computer-related fraud is generally a difficult and very time-consuming subject. It can be a labyrinth for the uninitiated. Spend a bit of money and employ experienced consultants specialising in identifying fraudulent transactions, accumulating and compiling evidence of fraud which is presented at Crown Court and/or other Government agencies. 

Electronic evidence plays a critical role in corporate crime investigation. The proper handling of digital evidence is often the key factor in detecting and halting fraud, recovering losses and assisting legal remedies.

Well-intentioned IT departments have been the cause of many cases collapsing very early on as they lack the specific training required to preserve the very fragile forensic artefacts surrounding key data. Simply powering on a Windows computer changes over 600 dates and times, and that’s before any user logs in.

Unbeknown to the laymen all this information is recoverable...

if you know where to LOOK!!!